[oversharing] august


[oversharing] we made it. oh july — you weren’t quite june, but you definitely challenged me in ways i didn’t expect. i’ll admit caught me slippin’. a few times, actually.

things got in the way and i didn’t do that thing i’ve been dreading to do but know damn well needs to happen, but that’s on me. i’ll take the L. 🙄 should’ve known you’d try it. after all, this is the season of “work monté’s nerves and see if he’s really ‘bout that action”. i’m not even mad at you, though. the fire lit under my ass has me making decisions i’ve should’ve made long ago, but all things in due time, right? quit that job, lose that weight, fuck those people. 😭 the last one is the easiest, tbh. 🤷🏾‍♂️

anyway, another month in this crazy year, and here I am with use of my limbs, air in my lungs, and alive! life. our most precious commodity yet often taken for granted. in this moment, im grateful. august, who knows what you have up your sleeve. hopefully peace, prosperity, good health, an over abundance of love, understanding, knowledge, guidance, fearlessness, and patience.


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