[oversharing] september


TIME.  Remember when it made sense? Remember when you knew which day it was and it felt like you had something to lose if you didn’t take advantage of it?

That last part might still be true, but the point remains the same. So much of this year has been flown by. It’s like we shouted ‘happy new year’ then shit hit the fan. It reminds me of when Voldemort rose back to power at the beginning of Deathly Hollows — everything’s dark. It’s not complete doom and gloomy though. you’re alive. you’ve survived. September is here and so are you. Rejoice, beloved. Rejoice. Sure, the pandemic is still knocking folks out like Ali or Tyson in their hey; but hey, you’re still here, baby. And yes, that orange bitch and his sycophants are on their quest to destroy the land and people they stole all those years ago. Protests, pandemics, failed governments, broken bodies, minds & spirits — it’s a lot. But, you’re still here. Now that we’ve determined that you’re alive — what are you doing to be ALIVE?! You know to live in all caps? Allowing yourself to live freely, on your terms? To paint with all the colors in the Crayola box? It’s gotta be Crayola ‘cause you ain’t the Rose Art type.

When are you gonna stop dreaming and start doing? didn’t the creole lady tell you to ‘be about that action’? Well…
It’s September. You’re late. And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s a mothafucka who talks about what they’re gonna do instead of just doing it.

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