Spooky SZN: Scream Queens & Adele

Something wicked this way comes….in the former of two OG scream queens and a British balladeer named Adele.

  1. Spooky Szn is is full effect, so it makes sense that the queens of scream are back. Laurie Strode aka Jamie Lee Curtis aka the Activa Lady is giving what seniors with serial killer brothers are supposed to give in Halloween Kills. Haven’t watched yet but I’m here for all things Jamie Lee and the older brother of the legend “Mikiyel Myers”. 
  1. Speaking of legends, Leatherfsce is still on Sidney Prescott’s ass. The trailer for the new Scream movie dropped this week. Easily my favorite franchise, I wonder if one of our faves see their demise. If I had to vote, it’d be Dewey. The time has come for him to reunite with Randy (RIP). As long as Gail Weathers (Courtney Cox) doesn’t get the chop, we’re good. 
  1. The ghouls and goblins might own the night, but all these bitches are Adele’s sons. Her new single, “Easy On Me” is here and it’s doing exactly what you’d expect — dominating. As an Adele diehard, I’m underwhelmed a bit. It’s not a ‘bad’ song by any stretch; it just lacks the boom 💥 I need right now. It’s slotted as “easy listening” but it’s almost too easy. So easy, that it’s forgettable. 🥴 It’s still new so maybe it’ll grow on me like “Hello” did. I do like the second half of the song and the hook, so there’s a plus. Guess I wanted something with more bottom like “I Miss You” from 25. Something that immediately catches your attention. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’ll still bump the album when it drops, though. 
  2. Why does Steve Harvey keep dressing like he raided Olivia Pope’s closet then got bored and ransacked Carrie Bradshaw’s? 
  3. Don’t be a dick. We’ve discussed this multiple times but folks still aren’t receiving the message. 
  4. “If I am trying to be something that I am not, I will always fall short.”  – Dr. Thema, The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema
  5. They say it’s never a right time to do something, sometimes you’ve gotta just do it. There was a time that I didn’t  buy into this,  but the more life I live the more I know it to be true. Plus, when you’re really at the fork in the road, life has a way of making it so uncomfortable that you’ll end up on the right path. Oh, and that whole square peg into a round hole thing is also true. Just saying what I know. 
  6. Dropped a new episode of the podcast this week. Toni and I recorded for over two hours, even thought the episode only features about 40 minutes of the convo. One of the things we talked about was grief. It’s no secret it’s something we’ve been dealing with since earlier this year, and we know we aren’t alone. The conversation got a bit heavy and we haven’t decided to if we’ll share it in its entirety yet. In the meantime, I don’t think either of us expected to snatch Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy) from the follicle, but it happened. 😩 The episode is available wherever you listen to podcasts. 
  7. See #5
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