Stop Lying to Yourself

Shared this on Facebook after watching the events in D.C. yesterday.

“This isn’t who we are.” Uh, history tells us different, fam. A country built on genocide, racism, xenophobia, and a litany of other isms/phobias, by folks who believe anyone else getting a piece of the pie diminishes them. It’s showing you exactly who YOU are.
We’ve seen people maced while playing violins for protesting the killing of unarmed Black men and women. Today, we’ve seen domestic terrorists, encouraged by an 80 yr. old man-child and his sycophants, storm the Capitol with tatical gear and nut ass red caps.
It is sad? Yes. Disheartening? No doubt. Surprising? Hell no.
They stormed the Capitol, y’all. Taking selfies in offices, with statues and shit.

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